The way I work!

I love to work with people!

I am widely accepted by people for being a respectful and supportive listener and advisor. This is made possible by excellent communication skills, quick understanding, adaptability and distinct interpersonal competence.

Whatever task I accept, I handle it with a strong sense of responsibility and dedication. Flexibility, optimal time management and notable organisational talent have made it possible to achieve outstanding results. The courage to continuously face new challenges and my approach to aim consistently and perseveringly at the best possible outcome in any situation, has earned me the love and respect of those working with me.

Working for a "homeland" government during precarious times has trained my political and diplomatic abilities. I am experienced in mediation and conflict management, as well as in cross-cultural communication.

Professionally and personally I am striving to continuously develop further. I see it as my vocation to use my experience and extensive knowledge to support and work with people for people and environment.