My experience covers:

  • more than 11 years abroad (southern and eastern Africa) working in rural development:
  • as lecturer at an agricultural college,
  • 4 years as project manager and advisor to the university
    and local government.
  • Developing and implementing of advisory programmes, supporting advisor to aid organisations, churches, ministries, schools and women`s association.
  • Project initiation, -implementation, -coordination, -development and -completion.
  • Sound knowledge in the gender-sensitive fields such as sexual abuse, female genital mutilation and food security.
  • Sound knowledge in all areas concerning HIV/AIDS. Developing of special projects for HIV+ groups
  • 9 years employment in retail trade, 3 years as general manager, responsible for buying and selling, personnel- and customer management.
  • Experienced in personnel selection, -training, -management.
  • 11 years honorary work in consulting women organizations and small scale entrepreneurs in Africa, as well as organizing project support.
  • Experienced in mediation and cross-cultural communication.


My offer:

I will dedicate my power to your tasks:
as patient teacher, as well informed advisor, as diplomatic mediator, as structured organizer, as dedicated fighter, as reliable team member!